Lotto Globalwon met drie nieuwe betalingsmogelijkheden

Making it easier for all Players to pay for their tickets is a priority, and many of you have asked for a wider choice of payment methods. We are pleased to announce that we now accept payments by E-Gold and JCB Cards.

E-Gold: is a secure Internet payment system which uses ‘weight of metal’ as a universal currency instead of US Dollars or Euros. Weight units have a precise, internationally recognised definition and precious metals, gold in particular, enjoy a long history of monetary use around the world. E-Gold is ideally suited for international transactions and payments clear instantaneously, no matter how large the payment, no matter how far apart the Spender and Recipient.

JCB: for over 40 years JCB has been the leading credit card provider in Japan, and it now has a worldwide customer base of over 38 million cardholders. While we have added this new payment option mainly for our growing group of Players in Japan and the rest of the Far East, where JCB is an extremely popular brand, it is open to anybody else around the world with a JCB card.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: for more efficient, faster Bank Transfers we now use BOV (Bank of Valletta) for all Bank Wire payments. BOV is Malta’s national bank ( for more information). Please use the new Bank Transfer details you will find on the payment screens.
Many of you have also asked for clickable banners that you can use on your own affiliate websites or for online advertising.

Over the coming weeks and months we will add many new animated buttons and graphics that you can use, in a variety of languages.

To download and use the new banners, log in to your Back Office and choose the new “Downloads” menu option.

To help you build a well structured downline, one that will maximize your earnings potential fully, promote the new Smart Fill system to all new Players joining your team.

If a Player has Smart Fill activated, rather than placing everyone they refer on their frontline, our system will place a maximum of 3 Players frontline – and then place all other Players referred by them in the next available position in their downline.

Smart Fill gives you more control over your team building, and enables you to create a sustainable and manageable downline structure.

Click here for more information about Smart Fill.

Please note - those of you who refer new Players through affiliate websites such as MyGlobalWonTeam should not use Smart Fill.

Lotto Globalwon Nederland en Europa groeit extreem

Top Prize Winner, Alena Zenkel, won €118,000 in Game 19

"My name is Alena Zenkel. I am 36 years old, married, have 2 children and 2 cats. I am a housewife and a mother. I was introduced to GlobalWon by one of my acquaintances. Over the past 5 years I have tried many different opportunities to earn money from home, but in the long run none of them agreed with our family's circumstances. This is why when I first heard about GlobalWon I thought that it too would not work for me. However when my referrer spoke to me about GlobalWon again then I became convinced that it could work for me this time. I started playing with GlobalWon almost one month ago and I have already earned more than my husband does in an entire year - and that's tax-free :-).

I am absolutely thrilled about Globalwon, I can work from home any time as I only need a telephone and the Internet to do that. My family and I are already very excited about what more the future has in store for us, as this was only the beginning. For me Globalwon is working and playing at the same time! "

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Mrs Zenkel

LICENSED : Lotteries and Gaming Authority LGA/CL231/2005

The GlobalWon lotto-style numbers game is licensed by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority.   Click here to read more about the LGA and to find more information about the Class 2 Remote Gaming License held by GlobalWon.

As well as being GlobalWon's company auditor, Deloitte Malta adjudicates each weekly GlobalWon game on behalf of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority.   To read more about the adjudication process,

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